We’ve all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”. Penncast Designs has made a business of the concept. We recognize that many long-used practices can be innovated with new technologies to become more efficient and cost effective for the construction and development industry.

Penncast Designs is a manufacturer of efficient pole base installation kits (SiteCaster™), custom rebar cages, and precast concrete pole bases. Our goal is to provide time and cost saving solutions for pole base installations and other construction projects.

We will continue to re-engineer age-old processes for more efficient, cost-saving solutions in the construction, development and other diverse industries.


John Graham

John Graham is a Northeast Pennsylvania business man having owned and operated several business for over 45 years. John was a pioneer in local furniture manufacturing for decades in Northeast Pennsylvania. He then extended his experience with recycling, commercial real estate, and commercial glazing.

Art Jump

Art Jump Jr. established Latcon, a commercial concrete construction company,  in 1992. He spent the previous 18 years immersed in premier concrete construction projects. His philosophies of utilizing state of the art equipment with cutting edge technology to achieve a higher standard of quality have attributed to Latcon’s continual success.